Before I got into Mine-Imator & Modelbench, I was always interested with anything to do with building, repairing & restoring things. It never failed to amaze me to see how people do these things, so I have always wanted to do the same. Right now I lack the space & equipment to do what I would love to do, so I had to adapt & pick something else to do while I wait.Then that is how I found out about Mine-Imator & Modelbench. It was back in 2015, where I would find these 'Minecraft Animations' on YouTube. I was super interested of doing some of my own animations, so I decided to tried it out.Ever since then I have been using Mine-Imator & Modelbench for quite some time. Started using Mine-Imator since 2015 & Modelbench since 2018. So I have a reasonable amount of experience of how to use these programmes.


If you have any more questions you would like to ask me, feel free to ask me either on my Discord Server or my Discord DMs.

Q: What programme did you use to make your Website?

A: My sibling told me about it, as they have used the programme before. It is an easy 1 Page Website builder and so far I am liking it. If you want to learn more about it, you will have to look at some YouTube videos, but if you would like to make your own Website but don't know what to use, I recommend Here is the link if you would like to have ago at it:

Q: If I use your models in my animations or renders, do I need to credit you? If so, what do I credit you with?

A: Yes, whenever you use any of my models in your animations/renders, always make sure to credit me, it will show people who made the models, where to download the models & prevent anyone from stealing credit on my models.I would suggest crediting me with my Website, as it covers all the socials I am on, & will help people locate my models to download easier.

Q: Are your Modelpacks Minecraft Mods?

A: No, they are not Minecraft Mods sadly. But if you're a Minecraft Modder & want to use my models in your Mod pack, feel free to ask me in my Discord DMs & we can sort something out together.

Q: How do I download your Models?

A: First go back to the Home page, then go to the category called "My Work", then there you should see two sections called "Modelpacks" & "Extra Models", click on a Model/Modelpack you like the looks of and there should be a download button on that page somewhere. It should not be hard to miss, as it will be a green button with the text "Download" on it (Some models/Modelpacks might not be downloadable).

Q: Are your Modelpacks Public or Private?

A: When I first start making the Modelpack, they are private. Once I feel happy I have made everything in the Modelpack and tweaked everything, then I make them public.

Q: What programme do you use to animate in?

A: Mine-Imator. If you wish to animate on what I use, here's the download (Mine-Imator 2.0.2 [Continuation Build 1.0.2]):

Q: What programme do you use to make your Models in?

A: ModelBench. If you wish to make models on what I use, here's the download. (Modelbench V1.0.5 Community Build V1.0.0):

Q: What programme do you use to draw out your models?

A:, though you can use any other programme that supports transparency. Here is the download if you want to use what I use:


If you use any of my models in your animations/renders, make sure to credit me.These are some of the Modelpacks I have made, the majority of them are downloadable & some are upcoming Modelpacks.Lables:
"[Public]": Means the Modelpack is released & downloadable for everyone to use.
"[Old]": Means the Modelpack is pretty old and might be hard to use. Don't let that discourage you though, as they are still useable.'[Discontinued]': Means the Modelpack is not being worked on anymore."[W.I.P]": Means the Modelpack is not finished yet, but will still show you previews of what the models in the Modelpack will look like when it comes out.

Modelpack Includes:
- Anxious Dog
- Banana Eater
- Bell Head
- Big Charlie
- Bonesworth
- Bridge Worm
- Cartoon Cat
- Cartoon Dog (V1, V2 & V3)
- Cartoon Lion (Normal & Insane)
- Cartoon Mouse (Normal & Monster)
- Cartoon Sheep (+2 Weapons)
- Cartoon Shin Demon
- Costume Man
- Country Road Creature
- Forgotten Baby
- Funny Fear (Phases 1-4)
- Ghost Chicken
- Ghost Pig
- God of Roadkill
- Good Boy
- Highway Worm
- Hole Man
- House Head (+Minion)
- Humanoid Rabbit
- Hush
- Kuasar (Normal & Monster including 2 Weapons)
- Light Head
- Lil Nugget (1-12)
- Living Building (+Minion)
- Long Horse
- Meat Horse
- Milk Walker Ambassador (Toggleable Milk Carton)
- Moth Man
- Nervous House Guest
- Nurpo (+Food)
- Old Detective (+Weapon)
- Peeping Tom
- Ribbit
- Scribble Head
- Siren Head (Normal, Blood, Dark, Game, Ice, Shadow & Wood)
- Smile Room Host
- Starliner Cinema
- Strange New Life Form
- Street Horse
- The Angel
- The Extra Slide
- The Hugger (Including Void & Hostage)
- The Imposter
- The Lamb
- The Man With The Upside-down Face
- The Meatball
- The Smile Room
- Thomas The Train (Normal & Monster)
- Thumper
- Train Eater
- Turn Off the lights (Normal & Mad)
- Void Nugget (Friendly & Evil)
- Yoyo (Normal, Killer & Monster Including 1 Weapon)
- This Modelpack is quite old, so it might not be easy to use.

If you use any of these models in your animations/renders, make sure to credit me!

Modelpack Includes:
- Buddhist Monkey
- Cro-Marmot (+Weapon)
- Cub (+Hat)
- Cuddles
- Disco Bear
- Flaky
- Flippy & Fliqpy (+Hat & Tools)
- Giggles
- Handy (+Hat)
- Lammy
- Lefty
- Lumpy
- Mime
- Mr. Pickles (+Hat)
- Nutty (+Sweets)
- Petunia
- Pop (+Hat & Pipe)
- Russell The Pirate (+Hat)
- Shifty (+Hat)
- Sniffles (+Glasses)
- Splendid
- The Mole (+Glasses & Walking Stick)
- Toothy
- Truffles (+Hat)
-Make sure to open up the file called '.miobject' and not '.mimodel' so you don't go through the trouble making some things invisible.
-These models have multiple eyes & mouths so it acts like an 8-bit animation.-This Modelpack is quite old, so it might not be easy to use.

If you use any of these models in your animations/renders, make sure to credit me!

Modelpack Includes:
- SCP-001 (Scarlet King)
- SCP-035 (Possessive Mask) (+Comedy, Comedy Blood, Tragedy & Tragedy Blood)
- SCP-049 (Plague Doctor)
- SCP-058 (Heart of Darkness)
- SCP-087 (Stairwell)
- SCP-087-B (Cheshire Smile, Masked Man & Red Mist Monster)
- SCP-096 (Shy Guy)
- SCP-106 (Corporal Lawrence & The Old Man)
- SCP-173 (Sculpture)
- SCP-303 (Doorman)
- SCP-426 (Toaster)
- SCP-513 (A Cowbell)
- SCP-666 (Spirit Lodge)
- SCP-682 (Hard To Destroy Reptile)
- SCP-939 (With Many Voices)
- SCP-957 (Baiting +Suit)
- SCP-966 (Sleep Killer)
- SCP-973 (Smokey)
- SCP-999 (Tickle Monster)
- SCP-1000 (Bigfoot +Black, Brown, Grey & White Fur)
- SCP-1440 (Old Man From Nowhere)
- SCP-1471 (MalO ver1.0.0)
- SCP-1609 (Remains of A Chair)
- SCP-1678 (Unlondon)
- SCP-2030 (Laugh Is Fun +TV Head)
- SCP-2295 (Bear With A Heart of Patchwork)
- SCP-2317 (A Door To Another Dimension)
- SCP-2521 (ooIoooooIooIo)
- SCP-3008 (Beefcake, Crawler, Ganglar, LongArm, Rammer & Runner +6 Different Skin Tones)
- SCP-3199 (Human Refuted)
- SCP-3663 (Tunnel Monster)
- SCP-4885 (Find Him)
- SCP-4955 (Knife)
-SCP-999 has multiple eyes & mouths so it acts like an 8-bit animation.
-This Modelpack is quite old, so it might not be easy to use.

If you use any of these models in your animations/renders, make sure to credit me!

Modelpack Includes:FNAF1
- Endoskeleton (+ Golden & Shadow)
- Freddy Fazbear (+ Endo, Golden & Shadow)
- Freddy's Microphone
- Freddy Plushie (+Golden)
- Bonnie The Bunny (+Endo, Golden & Shadow)
- Bonnie's Guitar (+Golden & Shadow)
- Bonnie Plushie
- Chica The Chicken (+Endo, Golden & Shadow)
- Carl The Cupcake (+ Golden & Shadow)
- Chica Plushie
- Foxy The Pirate (+Fixed, Endo, Fixed Golden, Golden, Fixed Shadow & Shadow)
- Foxy Plushie
- Sparky The Dog (+Endo, Golden & Shadow)
- Sparky Plushie
- H4ppiP33p Plushie
- Nightguard (+Male & Female)
- Flashlight (+Clip-on)
- Tablet
- Phone Guy
- Purple Guy (+Suit)
- Knife
- Crowbar
- Axe
- Crying Child (+Boy & Girl)
- Freddy Kid
- Golden Freddy Kid
- Bonnie Kid
- Chica Kid
- Foxy Kid
- Endo 2.0 (+Golden & Shadow)
- Toy Freddy (+Golden, Shadow)
- Withered Toy Freddy(+Withered Shadow)
- Unwithered Freddy (+Golden & Shadow)
- Withered Freddy (+Golden, Golden Head & Shadow)
- Toy Bonnie (+Endo, Golden & Shadow)
- Withered Toy Bonnie (+Golden & Shadow)
- RWQFSFASXC (+Inverted)
- Unwithered Bonnie (+Golden & Shadow)
- Withered Bonnie (+Golden & Shadow)
- Toy Chica
- Withered Toy Chica
- Unwithered Chica
- Withered Chica
- Mangle (+Fixed & Withered)
- Unwithered Foxy
- Withered Foxy
- Marionette (+Endo & Withered)
- Balloon Boy (+Endo, Balloon & Sign)
- JJ (+Endo, Candy & Sign)
- Paper Pals
- Buddy
- Purple Guy Animatronic (+Fixed)
- Fallen Endo B Angel
- Fallen Endo R Blue
- Fallen Endo C Mouth
- Fallen Endo F Red
- Ignited Freddy (+Golden, Golden Head & Shadow)
- Ignited Bonnie
- Ignited Chica
- Ignited Foxy
- Ignited Marionette
- Creation
-Some models don't have a face, it's so that you can add your own Facial Rig/Model to it.
-This Modelpack is quite old, so it might not be easy to use.

If you use any of these models in your animations/renders, make sure to credit me!

Modelpack Includes:
- Huggy Wuggy (+Monster)
- Huggy Wuggy Plushie
- Kissy Missy (+Monster)
- Kissy Missy Plushie
- Poppy Playtime
- Mommy Longlegs (+Monster)
- Boogie Bot
- Bron The Dinosaur
- Bunzo The Bunny (+Marionette)
- Candy Cat
- Pug-A-Pillar
- Caterpillar Toy
- Daisy (+Marionette)
- Kick-Me-Paul
- Owen The Oven
- Sir Poopsalot
- Player
- GrabPack
-This Modelpack is quite old, so it might not be easy to use.

If you use any of these models in your animations/renders, make sure to credit me!

Modelpack Includes:The Hotel
- Draw (1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)
- Small Painting
- Tall Painting
- Big Painting
- Bigger Painting
- Puzzle Paintings
- Closet (1 & 2)
- Sally
- Void
- Guiding & Curious Light
- Screech
- Timothy
- Timothy Jr.
- Dupe
- Jeff The Killer
- Origin Rush (2D & 3D)
- Rush (2D & 3D)
- Rush Particle
- Ambush (2D & 3D)
- Ambush Remake (2D & 3D)
- Original Ambush (2D & 3D)
- Really Old Ambush (3D & 3D)
- Ambush Unused Oldest Sprite (2D & 3D)
- Hide
- Jack (2D & 3D)
- April Fools Jack (2D & 3D)
- Seek (+Eye & Arms)
- Old Seek (+Eye)
- Seek's Jeep
- Neko Seek
- Figure (+Old & Scrapped)
- April Fools Figure (Noob & John Doe)
- Jeff
- El Goblino (+Old)
- Bob
- Eyes (+Unused)
- Glitch
- Halt (+Old)
- Creepy Dude
- Snare
The Rooms
- Locker
- Broken Locker
- Fridge
- A-60
- A-90 (Calm, Enraged & Pop-up)
- A-120
- Greed
- Depth (2D & 3D)
- Silence (2D & 3D)
- Small Painting, Tall Painting, Big Painting, Bigger Painting & Puzzle Painting have multiple textures for you to choose from.
- Guiding Light has 2 textures: Guiding Light & Curious Light.- April Fools Figure has 2 textures:
April Fools Figure (Noob) & April Fools Figure (John Doe).
- A-90 has 2 textures: Calm & Enraged.- A-60, A-120 & Rush Particle are Particles, that means you'll need to play the timeline to see them appear.

If you use any of these models in your animations/renders, make sure to credit me!

Modelpack Includes:Improved FNAF1
- Endoskeleton
- Stylised Endoskeleton
- Freddy Fazbear (+Endo, Golden & Shadow)
- Stylised Freddy Fazbear (+Endo, Golden & Shadow)
- Bonnie The Bunny (+Endo)
- Stylised Bonnie The Bunny (+Endo)
- Chica The Chicken (+Endo)
- Stylised Chica The Chicken (+Endo)
- Foxy The Pirate Fox (+Repaired & Endo)
- Stylised Foxy The Pirate Fox (+Repaired & Endo)
- Sparky The Dog (+Repaired & Endo)
- Stylised Sparky The Dog (+Repaired & Endo)
- Stuffed Suit
- Stylised Stuffed Suit (+Without & With Victim)
- Phone Guy
- Purple Guy
- Crying Child (Boy & Girl)
- Freddy Fazbear's Microphone
- Stylised Freddy Fazbear's Microphone
- Bonnie The Bunny's Guitar
- Stylised Bonnie The Bunny's Guitar
- Carl The Cupcake
- Stylised Carl The Cupcake
- Freddy Fazbear Plushie
- Golden Freddy Fazbear Plushie
- Shadow Freddy Fazbear Plushie
- Bonnie The Bunny Plushie
- Chica The Chicken Plushie
- Foxy The Pirate Fox Plushie
- Sparky The Dog Plushie
- H4ppiP33p Plushie
Improved FNAF2
- Endo 02
- Unwithered Freddy Fazbear
- Unwithered Bonnie The Bunny
- Withered Freddy Fazbear
- Withered Bonnie The Bunny
Improved TJOC
- Fallen Endo B Angel
- Fallen Endo R Blue
- Ignited Freddy Fazbear
- Ignited Bonnie The Bunny
-Each Animatronics Pupil has 3 different folders to pick: Iris, Pupil (Main part to move) & Endo Pupil. Each one can be different colours.
- If you hide the Normal Eyes folder, you will see the Endo Eyes inside.

If you use any of these models in your animations/renders, make sure to credit me!

Improved FNAF2 & Improved TJOC Not Included

Modelpack Includes:- Herobrine (+Double Sided Axe)
- 'Lil Miss Rarity
- Pinkamena
- Sexual Offenderman
- Squidward's Suicide

No Download For This Modelpack Yet

Extra Models & OCs

These are some extra models I have made to practise my modelling skills.
Some of the models will not have a facial model on them, I did this on purpose as I was practising modelling the main character.
Keep in mind some of these models are old, not all of them are perfect.
Also some of these are downloadable & some are not.


Random Models

Make sure to credit me if any of my models are used in your Animations/Renders.
Thank you!


Ellie Williams

Donkey Kong & Yoshi


WitherJack's Sword

Mutant Creeper

[Someone Else's OC]

No Download.

[Someone Else's OC]

No Download.

[Someone else's Idea]

No Download.


Aiden Pearce

Cuphead & Mugman


Protogen Rabbit


Ender Dragon

Jaystepher (Human) V5 & JaystepherMLG (Creeper) V5

No Download.

JaystepherMLG (Creeper) V6
[My take]

No Download.

Idiot_3 V2
[Someone Else's OC]

No Download.

My OCs

Make sure to credit me if any of my models are used in your Animations/Renders.
Thank you!


Here's some Playlists of some videos I have made. It contains:- Mine-Imator & Modelbench Speed Rigging/Modelling Playlist
- Rig/Model Pack Releases Playlist
- Blast To The Past Playlist
- Mine-Imator Animations Playlist
- Random Tutorials Playlist

Mine-Imator & Modelbench Speed Rigging/Modelling Playlist

Here is all of the Mine-Imator & Modelbench Speed Rigging/Modelling videos I've done.

Rig/Model Pack Releases Playlist

Here is where all the available Rig Packs/Modelpacks are.

Blast To The Past Playlist

This is where you will see all my 'Blast To The Past' videos. You can watch them to see what I've managed to achieve & accomplish over the years.

Mine-Imator Animations Playlist

Here's my Mine-Imator animations I've made.

Random Tutorials Playlist

Some random Tutorials I've made.

Images & Animations

These are some Images & Animations I have made.
Feel free to have a look at them.



Short Animations


Feel free to save these memes


Feel free to add these splashes to your Mine-Imator loading screens